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Serving globally since 1993, Boneem is an all volunteer, 501c3, low bureaucracy, international educational charity. All donations are welcome. All donations are tax deductible. Since Boneem is ALL volunteer, 100% of what you give goes directly toward the causes which Boneem serves.

Globally (but most significantly in Russia and domestically), and at the local, state/regional, and national levels Boneem provides needs-assessment, program/response design and development, leadership training, implementation, logistical planning, travel and visa planning and support for individuals and groups, program support, and communication training for global education and social services improvement, support groups and community groups implementation and expansion, administrative group effectiveness, church mission and function, family health, student and professional exchange, charitable response, and more. Throughout all of the work in which Boneem volunteers are engaged, a heavy focus is on helping to increase practical knowledge, change lives through knowledge and changed hearts, and through such processes establish/restore community health by implementing processes that help individuals, relationships, marriages, and family systems break damaging/unfruitful cycles of the past and build more healthy patterns for the future.


Boneem International

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