Boneem’s primary method of operation is to leverage all possible resources (i.e. finances, tangibles, and human resources), seeking to bring all to bear directly on any given project need. Boneem is not into empire-buidling, but rather into meeting needs. If meeting the needs of a project requires direct funding through Boneem, then we obtain that. Most of the time, however, we are able to bring to bear exponentially greater resources simply by being an intentional “advocating catalyst” by inviting additional agencies and institutions to become involved in ways that each can best serve. As such, where Boneem ALWAYS welcomes financial contributions both small and large, on some projects Boneem may not even pursue direct funding. Because of Boneem’s rich experience and knowledge, as well as extremely broad global network of resources, over the course of any given project, and due to Boneem’s facilitative advocacy and support, tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars, and hundreds or even thousands of man hours can be resourced directly to the need/cause. Boneem’s approach is very unique, has been richly blessed, and has produced exponentially more in outcomes than we believe direct funding could have ever accomplished.

Boneem has a rich library of materials in science, interpersonal dynamics, mental and spiritual health, communication dynamics, and more. While having a volunteer/resource network that spans many nations, the only direct translation services Boneem provides are for Russia.